035: Your 3 Mystical, Soulful Journeys

The Soulful Menopause Journey: The Sacred Gateway, Tending the Cauldron, The Sage Woman’s Destiny.

Discover which phase you’re in right now!

In this ‘comeback episode’, I share my Soulful Menopause Journey and how it can help you beautifully transition through the chaos of menopause.

Knowing which phase you’re in can be so very empowering.

I decided to share my deeply personal journey with you in the hope it inspires and supports you in some way. 

I shared some of the struggles I went through with my husband. I want to make it clear here that he is the most wonderful, caring, gentle, and beautiful soul. He was never physically violent towards me. I thought I would just mention this, because after listening through the episode (when it was already complete), I thought people may get the wrong idea! He is now a beloved friend, whom I love dearly. 

I would love to know what stage of The Soulful Menopause Journey you’re in right now. If you feel ready to share, or you simply want to get in touch, copy my email address here:  info@soulfulmenopause.com  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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