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The Magical Forest Meditation

Louise, UK

When I first began working with Sally I was not feeling very well both physically and mentally. I was feeling very lethargic. It was an effort to make things happen, even daily chores. I had put on weight. I was depressed and anxious. I had taken some time off work and needed to find a new job but I lacked confidence. I felt I wasn’t worthy of the jobs I was applying for. I wasn’t eating well and I was suffering from bloating, stomach pains, headaches and period pains. I didn’t realise I was feeling so bad (or I didn’t want to accept it). 

After a short period of time working with Sally (she created a diet personal to me and my needs) my stomach pain, headaches and period pain went – I wasn’t taking any pain killers at all and that was unheard of! I gradually began to feel much better and I began to look better too. I used to only see the ugly and negative things about me when I looked in the mirror but now I see the good things such as better skin and hair and my body looks better too. I’ve been buying new clothes and making more of an effort in how I look. I’m much happier now. I have also gained more self confidence and belief in myself and my abilities. I’m re-prioritising my life and moving into a ‘new me’. Sally is very supportive and has respected me and my needs. I knew she would go away and research things to make sure I was receiving the best things for my personal needs. I had total confidence in what she was recommending. And it worked! To be honest, that’s only half the story – I have a whole page of health & life benefits I’ve achieved whilst working with her.

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