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Hi! I'm Sally Love

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Is menopause a challenging time for you?

If you'd love to improve your health, embrace menopause with joy, and create a more sacred life, you're in the right place!

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Soulful Menopause Retreats

"I attended the retreat for some much needed 'me time'. That Sally was running the retreat gave me absolute confidence that my experience would be a memorable, beneficial and fun one.

I was most thrilled to speak to my subconscious through guided meditations. It was the most beautiful and profound moments I have ever experienced.

The retreat helped me to become conscious of my subconscious, and appreciating how my body and mind have been burdened by what may be considered normal life events of early childhood, and how easy it is to release myself of these burdens moving forward.

My body, mind and spirit are being served better through conscious decision making in many aspects of my life, including, and especially, nutrition.  Thank you Sally"


sandra-oregon... I like how your sessions deal with all aspects of my well-being, not just nutrition. I appreciate that you address the whole balance. Many of my 'uncontrollable' cravings have subsided since I've learned how to add more nutritional value to my diet. I have also enjoyed the techniques you use. The very first set of affirmations you gave to me hit home, and to this day when I say them they help keep me grounded. Your 'Emotional Writing' technique has also become a regular part of how I process my emotions, your prescription of weekly epsom salt baths are a glorious luxury, and my Meditation Board (my intentions 'come to life') are a daily reminder for me of where I'm going. All of these gradual changes have had a wonderfully positive impact on both my health and well-being, each in their own way ...

Sandra, Oregon, U.S.

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