For a lot of women, menopause can be a
confusing, worrying, depressing, and chaotic time.

Menopause can trigger all sorts of things to rise to the surface: health issues, anxiety, depression, feeling lost and directionless, apathy, feeling disconnected, fears, questioning your whole life, questioning yourself… the list goes on.

Menopause is being talked about more now, which is wonderful, however most advice or information you’ll come across will only be focused on the physical effects.

Menopause is a sacred rite of passage.

It speaks to us on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Menopause awakens you. It ignites your soul. It fans the flames of your entire being.

Menopause is a time when a woman has the opportunity to stand in her feminine power. To gather the stories of her past, and carry her wisdom forward.

Menopause isn’t a disease. It’s a normal phase of a woman’s life that should be honoured and celebrated. It can be a deeply soulful experience (if you know how to embrace it fully).

The Soulful Menopause Journey

The Soulful Menopause Journey consists of 3 stages. Here’s a very brief explanation…

The Sacred Gateway

Are you feeling called to experience menopause as a sacred rite of passage? Are you ready to step into a more soulful life? Do you feel intuitively drawn to do some deep healing on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)? If so, The Sacred Gateway beckons you forward.

This is where your journey begins.

You’re standing at the threshold of change. The rocks and stones you’re carrying in your backpack represent all the experiences and beliefs you’ve gathered on your life’s path so far. The Sacred Gateway brings these up and into the open for you to see. It’s drawing your attention to what wants to be healed, what is old, outmoded, and no longer serving you. It’s a time of chaos as everything begins to shift around you.

Here is where you learn how to be ok with chaos. You discover how to be beautifully grounded during this time. So, instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, you actually feel empowered.

Tending the Cauldron

After you’ve spent time at The Sacred Gateway, an entrance to a cave appears. You enter the cave where a bubbling cauldron awaits. You tip all your rocks and stones into the cauldron and begin stirring. This stage of The Soulful Menopause Journey is symbolic of going within to process everything that’s been weighing you down. This is a time of deep transformation.

As the liquid in the cauldron boils down, your rocks and stones crack open, releasing all the experiences and beliefs they’ve been holding onto. So you stand there, tending your cauldron, watching the vapour carry away what no longer serves you. Eventually the liquid in your cauldron boils down to reveal your Jewels of Wisdom – the pure wisdom gained from all those life experiences, without the emotions and drama of your past attached.

The Sage Woman’s Destiny

In this phase you emerge from the cave into a beautiful new landscape, carrying your Jewels of Wisdom with you. It’s time for a new beginning, completely unburdened by the experiences and old beliefs that were holding you back. You are free. You are free to make a choice guided by your soul as to which pathway you want to walk down next. But for a while, you stay and rest in this beautiful place. You get in touch with your soul’s wisdom, and prepare to choose your next path guided by the purest truth, the purest essence, of your being. You have emerged as a wise Sage Woman, ready to follow your destiny, your soul’s purpose, into a beautiful new beginning.

Walking the Soulful Menopause

path provides you with the power to transform your life - igniting your soul’s wisdom - so you can

transition to your Sage Woman’s Destiny

I want to show you how you can make that happen.

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR Affil.) and Soul Wisdom Coach.

Natural Nutrition has the power to transform your health.

Hypnotherapy has the power to break old patterns.

Soul Wisdom Coaching has the power to help you discover your soul’s purpose.

Utilising many powerful techniques, I gently support and guide you through your Soulful Menopause Journey.

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