Success Stories

Monique Antlers

Monique, USA

I sought out Sally from her Soulful Menopause podcast. I liked her approach to peri-menopause, that we are fire moon goddesses. I especially liked her explanation of this being a time of chaos as we enter through the gateway into menopause.

Initially I chose to work with Sally because of her nutritional background as I was struggling with a sore achy body, gastro intestinal issues, and just a general feeling of yuckiness and imbalance.

She led me down a path of cleaning my diet, cleaning the air in my house, making me more aware of the daily products I used and changing them to less chemical versions. All of this done slowly to not overwhelm me with too many changes at once.  The process of change is gradual, but I embrace it and each day feel more balanced and closer to my true healed potential.

I was also in search of my soul and how to listen to her. Through amazing guided visualizations, Sally led me to finding my soul and how to ask her questions. Some of the questions as simple as coffee or tea with breakfast, to questions about quitting work and even how my soul felt about vaccines. Sally has a natural gift of guiding through visualizations, psychic intuition, and listening to sort out the concerns and provide the best guidance.

I have acquired skills like journalling, self-visualization meditations, patience with allowing the process to unfold, learning to accept the voices in my head rather than telling them to shut up and stop. The voices that are the loudest and want all my attention become quiet when I give them space rather than scold them. I am a work in progress, but am getting better at being kinder to myself. I even take time to slow down and soak in Epsom salt baths.

My peri-menopause journey may take many years. Through Sally’s guidance, I have a better understanding of the chaos, with ways to embrace the chaos and enjoy riding the waves. Sometimes the waters are smooth, other times they are choppy, but most times they are a mixture and I am ok with that. 

Thank you Sally. You are an amazing and gifted soul.


Toni, UK

I attended the retreat for some much needed 'me time'. That Sally was running the retreat gave me absolute confidence that my experience would be a memorable, beneficial and fun one. It was a 'no brainer' for me - I was going!

I was most thrilled to speak to my subconsciousness though guided meditations. It was the most beautiful and profound moments I have ever experienced.

The retreat helped me to become conscious of my subconscious and appreciating how my body and mind have been burdened by what may be considered normal life events of early childhood and how easy it is to release myself of these burdens moving forward.

My body, mind and spirit are being served better through conscious decision making in many aspects of my life, including and especially nutrition. Thank you Sally!

Laura Larger

Laura, Oregon, USA

I was going through a relationship break up when I tried Sally’s Aphrodite meditation.  I was feeling depleted, anxious and scared.

The meditation was soothing right away.  Most of all, it showed me that I could find that place of love and peace anytime.  It was a great support because when I came back to it it filled me up again.

I really love this meditation because it helps me relax and and connect to being in my heart with love in all its forms.  I was relieved that I didn’t have to work too hard at doing this meditation - I instantly loved the journey.  It was great to have it to lean on and I learned a lot from it.

I’m pleased to say that I have now got back with my boyfriend and I’m so happy.


Louise, UK

When I first began working with Sally I was not feeling very well both physically and mentally. I was feeling very lethargic. It was an effort to make things happen, even daily chores. I had put on weight. I was depressed and anxious. I had taken some time off work and needed to find a new job but I lacked confidence. I felt I wasn’t worthy of the jobs I was applying for. I wasn’t eating well and I was suffering from bloating, stomach pains, headaches and period pains. I didn’t realise I was feeling so bad (or I didn’t want to accept it).

After a short period of time working with Sally (she created a diet personal to me and my needs) my stomach pain, headaches and period pain went - I wasn’t taking any pain killers at all and that was unheard of! I gradually began to feel much better and I began to look better too. I used to only see the ugly and negative things about me when I looked in the mirror but now I see the good things such as better skin and hair and my body looks better too. I’ve been buying new clothes and making more of an effort in how I look. I’m much happier now. I have also gained more self confidence and belief in myself and my abilities. I’m re-prioritising my life and moving into a ‘new me’. Sally is very supportive and has respected me and my needs. I knew she would go away and research things to make sure I was receiving the best things for my personal needs. I had total confidence in what she was recommending. And it worked! To be honest, that’s only half the story - I have a whole page of health & life benefits I’ve achieved whilst working with her.


Diana, Oregon, USA

I met Sally just in time.

Every day I had less energy, and the morning aches and pains were getting me down—literally. At 70, I figured I was just getting old, but I surely did not like it.

Enter Sally.

My first conversation with Sally inspired me to try some dietary changes, in spite of the fact that I thought I was already eating well, mostly organic, but with as little kitchen time as possible. The first change was dramatic: 24 hours and my morning aches diminished by half; 48 hours and they were gone completely. Really? Yes, really. I was amazed—might have to listen to what else Sally has to say, which turned out to be quite a lot and has helped me enormously.

Not only did my energy start building within weeks, but also, over the next 12 months, I lost that pesky 20 pounds that had been hitching a ride with me for 15 years—and it stays off.

It’s easy to learn from Sally. She cares. She has enthusiasm, compassion and a deep understanding of nutrition and the way our bodies utilize the food we eat—or not. It’s difficult to make changes to lifetime eating habits, but with Sally on your side, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

I hope others find Sally in time to turn their health right around.


Sandra, Oregon, U.S

... I like how your sessions deal with all aspects of my well-being, not just nutrition. I appreciate that you address the whole balance. Many of my 'uncontrollable' cravings have subsided since I've learned how to add more nutritional value to my diet. I have also enjoyed the techniques you use. The very first set of affirmations you gave to me hit home, and to this day when I say them they help keep me grounded. Your 'Emotional Writing' technique has also become a regular part of how I process my emotions, your prescription of weekly epsom salt baths are a glorious luxury, and my Meditation Board (my intentions 'come to life') are a daily reminder for me of where I'm going. All of these gradual changes have had a wonderfully positive impact on both my health and well-being, each in their own way ...


Gabriella, Australia

I decided it was time to get my energy and motivation up and rolling so I contacted Sally. I have a very busy, stressful career that I enjoy but it takes up a lot of my time and I’ve been wanting to change it in some way, to make it more meaningful. I felt I should be out there happy and full of life and and not so lost and annoyed with everything. I knew that underneath all the pressures of my lifestyle, I had more to give and was worried of the affect this was having on my life and health.

I worked with Sally for 3 months. I very quickly found ways to put time aside for myself not only after work but during work too, which was amazing! She helped me go through the layers to find solutions that I could realistically work towards. As a result I have begun to put together a new work project that I feel very passionate about. Sally’s meditations are beautiful and have helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level. Her soothing voice really helps that connection. Her meditations have helped me to look within and find old information and issues that I needed to unblock and release. My energy and motivation are back which is a huge relief and I feel so much healthier and happier. I’m enjoying life again! I’m just sad that the sessions have finished as they really helped me to keep in tune with myself while I work through my hectic schedule.


Elizabeth, London

I had been advised of the gluten and diary allergies that I had about 3 or 4 years before I met Sally. I applied myself to it for 3 months then gave up. During my first meeting with Sally, before any information had been taken she could tell lots of different things from my skin and eyes. The whole consultation was thorough to say the least, Sally took a full family history of illnesses etc., before she set about making any suggestions. The information that I came away with has made a profound difference, not just on what I eat and drink but on how I think about what I eat and drink - something that I have never experienced before. I lost weight and I now feel more in control of myself. I love & respect myself, simple as that. I now listen to what my body is saying to me and respond accordingly.


Pippa, London

Thanks for all your help so far Sally, it has made a massive improvement in my life. I now have minimal IBS symptoms which is a huge relief. I am much happier, and I need a lot less sleep. I now have the knowledge with regards to eating the appropriate foods and how they interact with my mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. Thank you Sally, you have really made a difference to my life!


Camilla, Norway

Hi Sally, I just wanted to let you know that I feel really good. I feel so fresh and my skin tone and texture has improved beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve changed beauty products, had a mental and emotional clean-out … so much positive transformation has happened. Life is balanced, Sally! And I have you to thank very much for putting me on a greener and cleaner path - mentally, emotionally and obviously food-wise! Thank you so much.