The Sacred Circle

An exclusive circle of 13 women,

dedicated to 13 months of deep connection.

If you’re looking to be part of a close knit group of spiritual women, (rather like a coven of gorgeous goddesses!), then this Sacred Circle could be just what your soul’s looking for.

Why 13 women?

The number 13 in numerology is associated with a divine feminine energy. It also symbolises major changes in life, as you transform into a new way of being. Exactly what this Sacred Circle is about!

In ancient times it was recognised that there are 13 full moons in a year. If you become one of the 13 women in our Sacred Circle, you’ll be assigned a specific full moon for the duration of our time together (e.g. Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Harvest moon…).

Explore how to show up as your best self

Dive deep into soulful discussions

Surrender your dreams to a sacred place

Open up to new possibilities

Enhance your intuition

Explore an empowered way to be in this world

Commit to the calling of your soul's growth

Reflect on the ancient wisdom of the universe, our ancestors, mother earth…

Embrace the sacredness of being feminine

Unleash your soul

Unleash yourself

What’s Included

We will meet on Zoom once a month for 2 hours (a Tuesday evening closest to the dark moon). Each circle meeting will have a discussion theme such as: 

What is feminine power and how do we step into it? 

How can we connect with the wisdom of our ancient ancestors? 

What sacred rituals can enhance our lives? 

How can we have a deeper, more spiritual connection to Mother Earth? 

Who are our spirit guides and how can we connect with them? 

Where is my soul guiding me? 

How can I let go of what holds me back and step into my best self, and my best life? 

What does it mean to be empowered?


Journal prompts every week

Continually updated resources on: holistic nutrition, spirituality, developing your intuition, holistic health, creative therapies, meditation, visualisation, manifestation, self development, and so much more

Additional recorded Q&A session once a month

Private chat forum to keep in touch with one another between circle meetings. This is where we can continue our personal and spiritual growth together, supporting and motivating one another, so we never have to feel alone, lost, or unmotivated. This is a safe place to feel connected, held, honoured, heard, and supported.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The dark moon is a phase of the moon that’s often overlooked, but is in fact a very powerful time.

Native American women would meet in what was known as The Red Tent during a dark moon to menstruate and commune with nature and their ancestors.

The dark moon is a time of deep introspection. A time to go within. A time to explore the ‘darkness’ – those hidden, suppressed, deeper aspects to life we don’t often have the time to journey to.

As we gather together, as near as possible to the dark moon, we can be influenced by this strong force of nature to facilitate a deeper awareness within ourselves, a deeper connection to one another, to the universe, to our souls. It’s the perfect time for us to honour and enhance our feminine energies, as we journey together in a profound and magical way.

Tuesday, 27th September 2022.

7pm – 9pm UK time.

The following dates for 2022 are:

Tuesday, 25th October

Tuesday, 22nd November

Tuesday, 20th December