Intuitive &
Psychic Development

6 Week Online Course

Have fun with likeminded women as you discover your psychic & intuitive skills.

You don't need to have had any experience at all.

Just bring your curiosity and willingness to have fun!

What's the difference between being intuitive and being psychic?

Well, intuition is when you get flash insights or feelings about general things that happen in life, such as knowing when there’s something up with your partner or friend, even when they haven’t said anything. Or when you get a feeling you should drive a different route to work, and afterwards find out you avoided a bad traffic jam or car accident. Or when you feel pulled to go to a different coffee shop one day and you happen to bump into an old friend there. That’s intuition.

Being psychic takes intuition to another level. It’s when you’ve honed your intuition so much (or like me, you were born psychic) that you receive extra information and deeper insights into these situations. For example, you know exactly what’s up with your friend or partner (sometimes before even they do!). You get a flash image of a traffic jam on your usual route to work so you change direction. And you know you’re going to meet someone if you go to that other coffee shop (possibly even the particular person comes to mind). It’s also when you get glimpses into the past and future, and you can provide accurate information on what’s going on in someone’s life, when they may not even see it themselves.

Have you had some intuitive or psychic experiences?

Those moments when you said to yourself “I had a feeling that was going to happen!” or, after not speaking with someone for a while, even years, you suddenly think of them and they get in touch?

We all have these experiences from time to time, it’s perfectly natural and wonderful. 

I believe we’re all intuitive. It’s our natural state of being. It’s just that as a human race undergoing a huge technological advance, with all the focus being on knowledge and evidence based thinking, we have left behind our incredibly valuable intuitive skills. These skills used to keep us alive when we were hunter-gatherers. Animals still have these abilities. 

The good news is, these skills can be developed. You just need to take notice of them and know how to develop them.

And I believe it is possible to teach you how to become psychic. It’s just an advanced development of intuition. Some people will develop this skill more than others however – just as some people will be better artists, writers, musicians, life coaches, nurses… But you CAN learn this, and it’s FUN!

So that’s what this course is about – developing your intuition and psychic abilities.

This first course is an introduction.

We will cover…

Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and/or a medium?

How to develop your particular skills

How to ground, cleanse, protect, and open yourself up to safe & accurate intuitive and psychic information.

How to work with your chakras.

How to open up and close down your skills (a ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice!) during the day.

Who are your spirit guides and how can you work with them?

The ethics of being psychic. This is MEGA important if you want to give other people readings. This will include HOW to deliver the messages that are coming through.

An introduction to using tools (tarot, oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, etc). You’ll have fun giving and receiving readings with one another.


Every Monday 7pm – 9pm UK time. Beginning Monday 26th September – Monday 31st October 2022

Our last day together will be Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve/Samhain,
which is when psychic powers are at their strongest! It’s on this day, every year, I give myself a reading for the year ahead.



Our sessions will be recorded so you can refer back to them whenever you wish.

How much?


I’m soooo excited to see you there! 

Sally Love had many psychic experiences as a child. In later years she became a professional psychic providing readings at two famous shops in London: Mysteries in Covent Garden, and Watkins bookshop near Leicester Square. She also had a private practice in Trafalgar Square, and appeared on live TV for several years. Sally has given readings to some very famous actors and celebrities. She has also run psychic development retreats in the past.