Discovering YourSoulful Menopause

An introductory course to transform the chaos of menopause into vibrant health and a soulful life.

Menopause can turn your life upside down, leaving you feeling lost, confused, powerless, out of control of your body, and struggling to cope. 

🌟This course will help you to see menopause in a more positive, and empowering light.

🌟Find a new focus and direction.

🌟Discover how to navigate menopause as a sacred rite of passage.

🌟Improve your health and wellbeing – start living a healthier life

🌟Reduce your menopausal symptoms and begin to feel better.

🌟Step into empowerment.

“This course will totally change how you view the menopause and teach you to see it as a sacred and important phase of your life and make you (almost!) look forward to the process! It will also help you to introduce positive changes into your life that will make everything so much easier”  Suse

If you’ve been feeling unheard and not getting answers as to:
Why am I feeling like this? or What’s happening to me?

If you’d love a more holistic and spiritual approach to your menopause journey.

If you’ve been searching for more depth, meaning, and a touch of magic in your life.

Then this is the course for you!

Discovering Your Soulful Menopause is a gentle introduction to experiencing menopause in a new, EMPOWERED way.

It’s a beautiful blend of the practical and spiritual.

You’ll receive a free online journal for the course.

You’ll receive support and motivation, and create meaningful connections with other soulful women in the private members only Facebook Group. 


“This course feels so personal – as if Sally is right there walking beside you throughout. Sometimes, I would even chat to her inside my head! I felt so supported throughout the course, both by Sally and the Facebook Group”

Week 1: The Soulful Menopause Journey

Explore the power of story and discover where you are on your journey:

The Sacred Gateway
Tending the Cauldron
The Sage Woman’s Destiny

Begin to uncover the hidden whisperings of your soul.

Reflect on your life through journalling.

Week 2: Natural Nutrition

Discover how Natural Nutrition can have a powerful impact on your health and wellbeing.

Support your body as you move through your Soulful Menopause Journey.

Choose one of 5 easy steps to start cleaning up/levelling up your diet.

Week 3: Chakra Healing and Balancing

Receive a chakra healing and balancing meditation you can do every day to help you feel centred, grounded, and balanced.

Focus on the wonderful benefits you experience after doing this meditation for a week.

Week 4: Nature

Do you feel a pull to connect with nature in a more spiritual way?

This week you’ll do just that!

Discover the powerful force nature has on improving your menopausal symptoms.

Learn how to see the magical signs from nature that provide insight into your life.

Week 5: Summary and Motivation to Continue

This is where you get to review the last four weeks and implement what you’ve learned and experienced from this course so you can stay motivated. Plan how you will continue to experience benefits in your body, mind and soul.


“I loved the format of the weekly sessions, with the information delivered gently in bite-sized chunks so that I could focus on each section without feeling overwhelmed”

“I couldn’t wait for each Friday when I got the next part of the course”


You will need to put aside just one hour a week to watch the video (do this instead of watching TV or getting lost in social media!). 

The fun Action Steps you take each week are designed to be quick, easy and do-able, with no stress or overwhelm.

You can do this course in your own time, at your own pace.

Yes! You get lifetime access to this course (for as long as Soulful Menopause is in business). So you can do this as many times as you like. For example, you may want to revisit this course every 6 months, or once a year, as a healthy ‘detox’ reset.

Yes you can. This private group is here for you. It will provide valuable support when you need it. It will keep you motivated as you walk side by side other women on the same journey as you. I hope you’ll make new meaningful friendships. You’ll never have to feel alone on your soulful menopause journey ever again.

It’s £49 for lifetime access to the whole course, your Soulful Menopause online journal, and access to the private members only Facebook Group where you’ll make meaningful connections with new soul sisters. You’ll have the chance to improve your health and wellbeing, and see menopause in a new positive, empowering light. All of this transformation for only £49! 

I wanted this course to be affordable to as many people as possible, so we can change the negative face of menopause into a soulful one of positivity and empowerment.

If you’re struggling through menopause and you need a new approach with support and guidance … there’s no need to waste any more time searching for answers and getting nowhere! Come and join us and…