Total Transformation Program









Are you wishing for …

Vibrant energy?
A more balanced life?
A healthy body?
A slimmer you?
A more meaningful career or lifestyle?
A happier, more passionate you?

And with results that last?!

If so, then let’s make those wishes come true!

I bet you’re now thinking this sounds great BUT…
You’ve already tried making these changes, many times before. When you’re having time off from trying out a new approach, you’re always wondering what to do next because you’re determined to find something that works. It’s so stressful. But you’ve hit another brick wall because there are far too many health and wellbeing plans out there with conflicting advice that just leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. It’s exhausting and demotivating.

I understand how you’re feeling

I’ve spent 30 years actively searching for ways to improve my health and wellbeing. I’ve had several challenges to face, which have included walking away from a physically violent relationship, finding ways to heal endometriosis and fibroids and healing the emotional pain of not having children. These issues severely disrupted my life.


So I went on a mission to find answers. During those 30 years I tried a gazillion different lotions, potions and a wide range of approaches from spiritual practices to allopathic doctors, and from natural health practitioners to personal development gurus. It was insane!

But this was my calling. It led me to study healing, spiritual practices, coaching, nutrition and plant based cooking.

During these years of exploration I threw myself into challenging situations to push my self-imposed boundaries. I felt helpless. I gave up a few times. I cried. And I jumped for joy.

In the end, my mission was a success. I’m now living a happy, healthy, fulfilling and vibrant life.


I accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and experience during those 30 years. I threw out methods that didn’t work and refined what did. As a result, I’ve created a powerful approach to health and wellbeing that assures success.

My total transformation took 30 years, but now I’d like to help you experience total transformation in just 9 months!

How the Total Transformation Program could help you

This exclusive program is all about you. Transforming your health. Transforming your wellbeing. Transforming your life. It’s about you being fully supported as you step into the vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling life of your dreams. It’s now time for you not just to exist, but to live life to your fullest potential.

The Total Transformation Program is an intensive nine month program. Just as it takes nine months to nurture the growth of a baby through to birth, this program will take you on a significant process of growth too. You’ll move from conception (the idea of how you want to be) through to the birth of a new you.

So, how would it feel if you had someone at your back, walking with you every step of the way as you strive to reach your goals? A professional you could rely on to be there, whenever you need her, providing support, inspiration and guidance. Imagine being able to call upon her during challenging times to keep you focused and motivated. And when those self doubts creep in, she makes sure you don’t slip - instead you rise up with renewed vigour. Imagine having her by your side to make sure you see it through, that you really succeed this time!

The Total Transformation Program provides you with all this and so much more!

Over nine months I will invest a minimum of 117 hours of my time in you. One-to-one coaching, nutrition consultations, cooking lessons and spiritual practices, including 20 ‘emergency’ phone sessions to use whenever you like, AND unlimited email support are just part of this Total Transformation Program - exclusively designed around your needs. You can be confident that I’ll be totally dedicated to your health & wellbeing. I’ll be with you every step of the way as you connect with your soul, create meaningful goals, and have fun working towards them. Together we’ll celebrate your many successes and delight in your unfolding wisdom.

My approach is holistic, natural and nurturing. A focus on creating a stronger connection to nature is an integral part of this program - enabling you to listen to your intuition and connect with your soul.

But that’s still not everything … this program provides even more than transitioning you onto a healthy diet or exploring how you can live a more fulfilled life. It’s also far more than just reaching your goals. This program is about total transformation - it’s not just a title!

Let me explain … Usually when we’re seeking change in our lives it involves breaking through limiting beliefs. We often have to move out of our comfort zones and face our fears. If you want to achieve meaningful goals that take you where you really want to be AND result in lasting change, then you need to focus on every level of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This program does just that.

This program will help you clear out the crappy, self-sabotaging old belief patterns and behaviours that stand in your way.

This program will go as deep as changing your body’s biological chemistry - changing the way it operates and reacts on a cellular level.

This means your body will work differently - it will transform into a new rhythm - a new healthier flow.


This program will help you create a more empowered way of living life - you’ll not be chained to your old limitations anymore. You’ll finally break out of your shell and live the life you’re dreaming of.

A new way of living that enhances the love and respect you have for yourself is waiting for you.

It’s time to take charge of your health and wellbeing. You have the power to take control. You have the power to change. I will ignite that power within you and support you through the process of total transformation.

A re-cap, so far

(yes, there’s lots more to come!)

A minimum of 117 hours and 9 months of my time and energy dedicated to you

Personal one-to-one support throughout the program

Holistic Nutrition and cooking lessons

Coaching and spiritual practices

An holistic focus - you’ll experience physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits

A transformation of your body’s biochemistry - changing the way it operates and reacts

Experience life with a new rhythm and a healthier flow

Release old limitations & create an empowered way of being

Enjoy creating a stronger, sacred connection to nature

Explore what a fulfilling life means to you and begin to make it happen

And I promise you’ll receive my wholehearted connection to you at all times

This program will provide you with a host of new skills that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

What’s the framework?

It doesn’t matter where in the world we may be - consultations are by Skype or phone

Initial Sessions


This is where we’ll discuss your goals.

We’ll run through the basic structure of the program.

You’ll get access to a members only CrapFree Goddess Support Group on Facebook.

You’ll receive a medical history and general questionnaire to complete.

Kick Off

(1 1/2 -2 hours)


We’ll review your completed questionnaire together.

I’ll uncover your story - revealing how all the seemingly insignificant and unrelated pieces of your life have woven together to create your current state of being.


Soul Call

(1 1/2 -2 hours)

Our first intuitive exploration session. Using Goddess archetypes, we’ll connect with your soul - discovering your deep wishes, blocks and life lessons. This will create a new or deeper sense of awareness and understanding of what you really, truthfully want to achieve from this program. This session will begin to reveal the self sabotage and hidden blocks that are standing in your way. We’ll also uncover some of your strengths, talents and inner wisdom that you can draw upon for your nine month journey.

Power Up

We set your goals.

You make your first changes.

You’ll then move on to:


1 hour consultation with me, once a week, for 4 months.
This then moves to a 1 hour consultation with me, every other week, for the remaining 5 months


1/2 hour Goal Review Session, once a month, for the full 9 months.


20 Lightning Sessions - ‘emergency’ phone support for up to 20 minutes each, to use whenever you’re in need.


Unlimited E-Mail support.

What will happen during the consultations?

Because you’re unique, your consultations will be unique. The whole nine month structure with regard to what we do, what we discuss and when, is based around
your needs.

Here’s a brief outline of the different approaches I take:

When you begin the program you’ll need to complete an in-depth medical and lifestyle questionnaire. I ask for information as far back as your grandparents (if you have access to those details) including your medical and lifestyle history from the time you were born to present day. That’s a huge amount of information! It’s like throwing a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle into the air, scattering the tiny pieces in a thousand different directions - overwhelming to most people, but I love it! I have a talent for seeing the connections between seemingly mismatched pieces of information. I enjoy helping you to see those connections too, uncovering your life story as you’ve never seen it before. It’s truly empowering because you begin to understand how you’ve arrived at your current state of health and not only that, but you’ll also begin to see how much of an influence you really do have over your own health and wellbeing.

The nutritional consultations are very extensive. You’ll make gradual dietary changes at a pace that’s right for you. Healing can be a stressful process, so we’ll work on keeping the stress of change to a minimum.


I will make sure that your entire being is nurtured and supported. This is of vital importance, especially to your body as it will need to cleanse, release and heal, as it transforms into a new way of functioning.

I’m also likely to recommend some natural nutrition techniques. These techniques gently create movement, shifting any slow or stagnant areas of your body into a healthy flow.

I also hold a certificate in Professional Plant Based Cooking which ties in beautifully with my nutrition practice. I can therefore not only suggest what foods will nourish and heal you, but help you prepare them too. If you find this side of life a bit of a chore, then allow me to help you turn cooking into something joyful.

The coaching sessions will consist of empowering conversations and exercises to help you discover new ideas, fresh perspectives and new possibilities. I listen intuitively which enables me to ‘read between the lines’ and make observations, pose powerful questions and stimulate you to find answers and inner wisdom. It’s a simple and highly transformative process.

The spiritual practices are where the magic comes to life! Through connecting with nature and using techniques such as meditation, affirmations and creative therapies (e.g. working with clay & emotional writing), you’ll discover or deepen an intuitive connection to your soul. These sessions will allow you to reach inwards, uncovering any subconscious or unconscious blocks that could be holding you back. You’ll be able to re-align the way you live your life to that of your soul’s purpose.


By combining all these ways of working into one program, I’m offering you an opportunity for profound healing.


Additional bonuses available to you during the program:

When necessary, I can liaise with your physician to ensure continuity of care.

I will undertake any research that’s required for your health and wellbeing and send you a report of my findings.

You’ll receive FREE access to all my downloadable meditations.

You’ll receive your very own meditation, written and recorded just for you.

Enjoy FREE access to my E-Course “Body, Mind & Soul, 14 Day Goal”

Receive exclusive videos & other content for my Total Transformation Program members only.

I’ll provide you with recipes, designed exclusively for you around your needs and your lifestyle.

I’ll help with meal planning & preparation.

I’ll provide you with shopping lists that include links to where you can buy my recommended products, so you don’t have to spend hours deciding what to buy or where to buy them.

I’ll recommend the best kitchen appliances for your needs (such as juicers, blenders etc).


Achieve all your goals, and more!

Of course we’ll be focused on achieving all your goals during the program, however there will be other benefits you’ll enjoy too. Here’s a list of common improvements that my clients experience time and time again:

Increased energy levels

An improvement, or stabilisation of disease

General improvements such as healthy glowing skin, hair and nails


Reduction or complete elimination of aches and pains

Clearer, more focused, sharper thinking

Improved quality of sleep

Weight loss (for those that wanted it!)

Balanced emotions

More positive thinking

More motivation

Increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love


A deeper, more intuitive connection with their body

A new sense of direction, purpose and clarity

A more balanced, happier and fulfilling life

Inner peace

Fewer unhealthy cravings

A renewed passion for life

A more active lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle


Why this program is different

This isn’t just a coaching program. This isn’t just a personal and spiritual development program. This isn’t just a healthy eating program. This Total Transformation Program is all that and more. What’s unique about this program is the blend of these different approaches with one very powerful contribution - natural nutrition. I’m a certified Natural Nutritionist. I’m qualified to influence your health on a deep level - to change your body’s biochemistry, which alters the way your body functions. I’m registered with the FNTP (The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) in the UK and the NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) in the U.S.

I will never recommend you follow a popular commercial diet. They tend to only have superficial results, if any, and some can even be downright unhealthy. So you won’t find any ‘cookie cutter’ program structure here, because you’re unique and therefore your needs are unique too. We’ll work together to create a diet that’s perfect for your health and wellbeing and I’ll be constantly monitoring your body’s responses and altering your diet accordingly. Using my in-depth knowledge, I will ease you into these changes at a speed that’s comfortable for your whole being.

I’m also a certified Professional Plant Based Cook, so we can have fun coming up with recipes together, and I can help you improve your cooking skills too (if necessary).


My approach to healing is truly holistic. I believe in addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves in order to achieve profound, lasting results. I have many years experience and qualifications with spiritual practices (such as healing, meditation, intuitive skills and my extensive experience running retreats) that brings that extra bit of magic to the mix. The spiritual aspects of our lives, such as how connected we feel to the world around us, and how we intuitively connect with our bodies, is sadly overlooked a lot of the time. I believe it’s an important part of the healing process. After all, if we don’t feel connected to ourselves, the environment and our souls, then how do we expect to establish lasting, meaningful connections elsewhere?!

The Total Transformation program lasts nine months. This ensures that you ease into change with as little stress and as much grace as possible. It also ensures that by the time your program ends, your newly found healthy lifestyle has become fully integrated into your daily life. This approach prevents you from slipping back into your old patterns. Plus, as I like to work with the natural flow of nature, nine months is a powerful time for transformation. Just think of the transformation that occurs during the time when a single cell becomes a baby. A lot can happen in
nine months!

You’ll move from a single idea of how you want to live your life (where you stand today) to a metaphorical birth nine months later - fully transformed into a new way of being.


Louise, UK


When I first began working with Sally I was not feeling very well both physically and mentally. I was feeling very lethargic. It was an effort to make things happen, even daily chores. I had put on weight. I was depressed and anxious. I had taken some time off work and needed to find a new job but I lacked confidence. I felt I wasn’t worthy of the jobs I was applying for. I wasn’t eating well and I was suffering from bloating, stomach pains, headaches and period pains. I didn’t realise I was feeling so bad (or I didn’t want to accept it).

After a short period of time working with Sally (she created a diet personal to me and my needs) my stomach pain, headaches and period pain went - I wasn’t taking any pain killers at all and that was unheard of! I gradually began to feel much better and I began to look better too. I used to only see the ugly and negative things about me when I looked in the mirror but now I see the good things such as better skin and hair and my body looks better too. I’ve been buying new clothes and making more of an effort in how I look. I’m much happier now. I have also gained more self confidence and belief in myself and my abilities. I’m re-prioritising my life and moving into a ‘new me’. Sally is very supportive and has respected me and my needs. I knew she would go away and research things to make sure I was receiving the best things for my personal needs. I had total confidence in what she was recommending. And it worked! To be honest, that’s only half the story - I have a whole page of health & life benefits I’ve achieved whilst working with her.



This is an intensive, premium program. A huge amount of my time will be invested in you - it’s important to me that you’re fully supported and nurtured throughout your transformation. This is why I only accept a few women into my Total Transformation Program a year. I will be totally committed to you and I will therefore expect you to be totally committed to yourself and this nine month program.

I will be there to support you, to enlighten you, to cheer you on, to motivate you and to guide you, but ultimately it will be up to you to make the changes that will result in your success. I can’t do that for you. Therefore you need to be absolutely certain that this is the right path for you.

We need to be a good fit. You must feel comfortable with me. So if you’re seriously thinking this is what you want to do, then let’s have a chat. It would be lovely to connect with you and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. After that, if we both feel excited about working together, we can move ahead and schedule your start date.

Investment in your life:

12,950 USD



DISCLAIMER: This Total Transformation Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease and is not a replacement for standard medical care. For any concerns or questions you should always seek advice from your primary care provider.