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Move Forward by Going Within


What is Soul Wisdom Coaching?

Soul Wisdom Coaching is a blend of spiritual consultations and coaching.

It creates a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

It focuses within to create balance and stability.

It uncovers what no longer serves you.

It makes sure you’re walking your true path.

It creates a sense of certainty.

And it applies your new found wisdom to take confident steps forward.


Whatever challenges you’re facing, Soul Wisdom Coaching will help you find your inner truth so you can confidently create the rich, vibrant life you dream of.






Which one of the following situations relate to you?


Feeling stuck can make you feel like giving up, like you’ve failed.  You continually set and reset goals, but never reach them.  You desperately want to move forward but you can’t see how to make it happen. Everything feels like a huge effort, but for no reward.  You’re fed up of going down dead ends.  You’re fed up of feeling fed up!  It seems there’s no way out.  It’s beyond frustrating.  You need solutions!

Let’s discover what’s preventing you from moving forward.

Let’s use creative techniques to help you let go of what’s blocking your progression

Let’s find new strategies to get you unstuck

We could even explore hidden pathways together, that lead to a newly defined goal.  One that’s more aligned to your soul’s desires.



Overly ambitious and long term goals create stress and overwhelm.  Stress and overwhelm can cause serious health and wellbeing problems.  They stop most people in their tracks. Life becomes a struggle, and in all that busyness you can easily lose your balance.  You wonder whether you’ll ever achieve your goal.  You begin to doubt yourself.  You feel pressured by time.  Your head spins.  You feel even more stressed and more overwhelmed the longer this situation continues.  And so the vicious cycle is born!

You need someone to help you step out of this craziness.  You need to find solutions that fit your own personal needs.  So let’s do it!

We’ll move forward at a pace that’s right for you.  We’ll take things step by step.  There’ll be no impossibly high goals to struggle with.  We’ll work to eradicate stress.  Just fun and easy progression.  Much more can be accomplished from a place of balance and serenity.  So I invite you to let go, and allow me to take you on a journey to inner peace and calm.



It can be very challenging to achieve a goal by yourself.  It’s tough when no one understands what you’re going through.  And if no one’s available with encouragement when you’ve hit a low point, it can leave you feeling desperately alone.  It drains your energy and motivation.  But I’m here to nurture, guide and support you every step of the way.  I will be here to celebrate your successes and keep you motivated when your energy slumps.  I will help you discover new techniques that fit with you, and your lifestyle.  I will help you face your challenges with support and empowerment.  Consider me your Personal Assistant!  I’m here for you.  You’re not alone.



Exhaustion sets in when you pile on the should do’s and must do’s.  And when you create a goal that lies waaaaaaay out ahead of you, it can be exhausting just thinking about the long road ahead!  In addition, not being true to yourself or living in a way that doesn’t fill you with joy will also deplete your energy.

Soul Wisdom Coaching helps uncover hidden aspects of your life that could be draining your energy.  We explore ways to stop or lessen those energy vampires!  We’ll discover new activities and ways of doing life that energise and inspire you.  And as a Natural Nutritionist I can also provide valuable tips on how to boost your energy - providing you with the rocket fuel you need to succeed.



Even if you’re really confused and don’t know what you want, Soul Wisdom Coaching is perfect for you.  Sometimes we can become so entrenched in our way of life, or we can feel so lost and disempowered, that we’re unable to know what we want anymore.  We lose sight of what’s possible.  We can’t see a way out.  It’s as if we’re wandering around in a misty void, unable to feel any sense of direction.  And we can feel helpless - unable to make changes due to life’s restrictions, such as family, money or health issues.

Perhaps it’s time to lift the veil that’s obstructing your view?

You’ll embrace the confusion, and journey within to find the fears, doubts and concerns that are standing in your way. We’ll shed light upon the tug of war that’s pulling you in different directions.  You’ll make sense of the conflict.  You will find a path through the misty void.  I’ll teach you how to connect to your soul’s wisdom, so from that place of truth you’ll discover what you really want.  And then we’ll create a plan to get you moving forward, with clarity.



It’s so easy to become distracted by everyday life.   Long working hours, family commitments and routines, relationship struggles and a busy social life can tempt us away from our goals.  These situations can make it hard to stick to our plans.  And if we’re not careful, these distractions can completely pull us off our path.

Soul Wisdom Coaching will help you break out of old patterns, create a strategy, and stick to it!  Discover ways to avoid and manage temptation.  Get organised.  Establish a new rhythm and routine.  Learn motivation techniques that work for your individual needs.   And accountability will keep you on track, as you share your weekly goals with me!

What's so unique about Soul Wisdom Coaching?

Soul Wisdom Coaching blends my natural gift of intuition, my knowledge of ancient wisdom and my experience in coaching.  It’s practical, holistic and magical.

As a coach I will empower you to find your own answers.  I will support you.  I will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.  But Soul Wisdom Coaching isn’t just about coaching.  I’ll also be your consultant - your nutritional consultant, your wellbeing consultant and your spiritual consultant.  This means you'll also receive new information and insight, enhancing your possibilities and expanding your horizons.

The greatest potential for change begins by achieving clarity and balance of your inner world before creating change in your outer world.  This approach has the power to move your life into lasting and fulfilling change because you’re coming from a place of stability.  You’re following your inner truth, your soul’s wisdom.  What happens within, happens without.




Soul Wisdom Coaching sets your inner compass





Developing your intuition and listening to the wisdom of your soul, provides reliable coordinates that can guide you directly to your treasure!

What's involved in a Soul Wisdom Coaching Session?

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You’ll receive:

A one hour Skype session every week, for 8 weeks

Each session will be designed around your needs & desires

Email support in-between sessions

During these nurturing sessions, you’ll have access to:

General Nutritional Guidance

Ancient Wisdom

(e.g. the Chinese Five Elements, Chakras & Goddess Archetypes)


Creative Techniques

(e.g. Intuitive Drawing & Emotional Writing)


Intuitive Insight

Goddess & Oracle Card Readings

The Sacred Wisdom of Nature

(Receive support & insight from Mother Nature, Power Animals & Myth)

Soul Retrieval*

Spirit Guides

Dream Interpretation

*Soul retrieval is going back to a time where a piece of your soul broke away due to shock, a bad accident, serious ill health, grief or other challenging time in your life.  Often people will say “I’ve never been the same since…” or “I feel lost and broken” or “I feel incomplete”.

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I invite you to join me on an adventure to awaken your deepest imagination.













Soul Wisdom Coaching IS...

A great kick-start to a long term goal

Flexible - whatever you want to achieve, this approach provides many unique solutions

A perfect introduction to the way I work if you'd like to get a feel before moving on to my Total Transformation Program

Enlightening, providing a new, confident, sense of direction

Empowering, teaching you new techniques to use in your every day life

Motivating, working with you to move your life forward

A spiritual & intuitive approach (with no religious bias)

Deepening your connection to nature, providing nature based solutions

Being true to yourself - learning how to communicate with your soul’s wisdom

Nurturing - a gentle and supportive, step by step approach

Powerful - manifesting balance and profound change

and so much more!

Soul Wisdom Coaching IS NOT:

A psychological therapy process to address, clear or heal deep wounds

                                                                A personalised nutritional plan - general guidance given                                                              (Please see my Total Transformation Program for an in-depth approach to nutrition)

For you if you’re not open to an holistic or spiritual approach

For you if you’re not willing to try new things

A boot camp, kick-ass style of coaching

A purely logical approach (you must be prepared to explore all aspects of yourself - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual)

Me telling you what to do (I empower you to come up with your own answers & you must be prepared to take action)

I promise you will...

Achieve Success

Be empowered

Be inspired 

Be motivated

Gain clarity

Learn new ways of approaching obstacles & challenges 

Move forward

Reduce any feelings of overwhelm

Learn how to lessen stress

Feel supported

Emerge with more wisdom

Have fun

Be so glad you decided to do this program!


Whether you want to

lose weight

change your career

organise your life

kick-start a healthier lifestyle

or create a more fulfilling personal life,


I invite you to join me to

connect with your soul’s wisdom

create a clear vision

set your inner compass

and go find that treasure!

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Soul Wisdom Investment:

1,500 USD

To set up a free exploratory chat & see if I have availability, please click here: