Moon Medicine
for Menopause

A magical month of soulful exploration





Learn how to connect with the moon so you can…

Reduce your menopausal symptoms

Feel Vibrant, Lighter & Healthier 

Receive Soulful Insight

Gain Confidence & Clarity

Joyfully step into a new cycle of life

and sparkle!

Are you searching for a practical, holistic, natural, and spiritual approach to menopause?

Menopause can be a frustrating and isolating experience. It's awful when people don't understand what you're going through. And even worse when you can't find the answers, or support, you so desperately want and need.

The only advice you may receive is to take pharmaceutical drugs - which goes against your intuition. But you're struggling to find natural solutions that work.

Spirituality is (or you want it to be) a big part of your life, of who you are. Crystals, oracle cards, fairies, essential oils, meditation, and other magical practices bring joy and meaning to your life.

If some, or all of this, resonates with you, Moon Medicine for Menopause will honour all of who you are, and how you want to move through menopause.

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What is Moon Medicine for Menopause?

It's a mystical, practical, and soulful exploration of your connection to the moon - and how it affects you, and can support you, through menopause.

You'll receive the Moon Medicine for Menopause book (in PDF format).

You'll have a month of live, online group workshops.

As we journey together through each of the phases of the moon, you'll receive the relevant chapter of the book and we'll meet in person for the online workshops. (The workshops will be recorded if you can't attend).

We'll also have a private Facebook group where we can be in touch with each other to share our insights, breakthroughs and magical experiences along the way.

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What's involved, and how will this help me?

Each phase of the moon provides...

An explanation of how it affects you and what energies you can call upon for support.

A list of foods that are especially powerful for your healing - unique to each phase of the moon. You can then simply look down the list and choose to incorporate those items in your meals.

Easy recipes designed to balance your hormones. They'll also help improve your energy, focus, and general health and wellbeing. You should start to see some of your menopausal symptoms decreasing!

Journaling questions to help you uncover hidden gems - so you can gain insight, clarity and direction in your life.

Card reading layouts. You get to use any of your oracle cards, tarot cards, crystals or runes, to do your own intuitive readings. Each card layout will have a specific focus and interpretation for that moon phase. Such a beautiful way to gain insight to your questions, and enrich your menopausal journey!

Essential oil recommendations for emotional support.  I've chosen specific essential oils for each moon phase to help you release any stuck or overwhelming emotions - and welcome more balance into your life.

Guided meditations to magical places where you meet your menopause spirit guides, receive guidance, and connect more deeply with the moon.

Please know you don't need to do all of these for every moon phase! I know only too well how overwhelming menopause can be, so just pick and choose what you'd like to do for each phase. As little or as much as you like!

Moon Medicine for Menopause is designed to be used over and over again - month after month, year after year. You'll gain new insights each time you do this.

PLUS there's the live online workshops where you make new friends with spiritually minded women who understand what you're going through, enjoy fun exercises together, share stories, receive group Soul Wisdom Coaching, create goals together, and get support in finding your fulfilment - so you can step into a new cycle of life with complete confidence.

And, as a Founding Member, you'll receive the exclusive opportunity to suggest other ideas you may have that could support your practical and spiritual journey through menopause.

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When does it start?

The Dark Moon on Sunday 27th October

We'll have our first live online workshop that day.

However, the fun and connection with others will begin as soon as you sign up!

And remember that if you can't attend a live workshop it will be recorded for you.

Founding Member Exclusive Offer: $97

Next time, the price will increase to $297

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Moon and Stars

And you get a Founding Member Bonus too...

You'll receive all future updates of this program for free!

Plus FREE ACCESS to all future live online workshops.
(If you join Moon Medicine for Menopause at a later date, you'll have to pay an extra fee to join any additional workshops AND you'll only get access if there's availability).

Registration closes at midnight Pacific Time on Friday 25th October
when all available places have been taken.



Feel supported in this intimate group of spiritually minded women.

Be seen, heard and understood.

Discover a clear way forward that honours your holistic, natural, and spiritual approach to life.

Reduce your menopausal symptoms.

Share soulful times together.

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