Magical Meditation Month

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Friday 19th April - Saturday 18th May

From one full moon to the next!

Explore the magic of meditation for menopause


Meditation can make a massive difference to your health and wellbeing as you transition through menopause.

The benefits of meditation have been so impressive that medical trials have been carried out.  Results from these trials show meditation has improved: sleep quality, a reduction in the severity of insomnia, improved memory, a better quality of life, improved attention levels, a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats, lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, lowered stress levels, improved depression and mood swings, reduced anxiety, slowed the cognitive effects of aging, it supports the immune system, reduces inflammation and controls the brain's response to pain (easing aches and pains).

So, come and join us for this Magical Meditation Month to explore just how much you can improve your menopausal symptoms and enhance the quality of your life...


Receive full support as you dive into the mystery and magic of meditation to lighten your menopausal journey.


Create sacred ritual - so you can enjoy some beautiful stability amongst the stress and chaos of your life.


Develop your intuition, and explore your soul’s wisdom.  This is your opportunity to discover your soul’s path, so you can maximise this next powerful cycle of your life.


Nourish and support your body, mind & soul - specifically targeted to lessen symptoms of menopause.


Immerse yourself in magical journeys that will uncover profound messages and insights into your menopausal journey. 

Step into a Soulful Menopause!

How it Works...

We'll begin with an assessment of your current menopausal symptoms, so we can review your progress at the end of month.

Once a week we'll have a live group coaching & meditation session (Saturdays 12pm Pacific Time/8pm UK time). These sessions will last anywhere between 1 - 2 hours.  In these sessions you'll receive:

Support with beginning and maintaining your meditation practice

A live guided meditation & follow-up discussion - tailored to the group’s needs

Connection with other menopausal women for motivation and support

The chance to ask questions about your current menopausal issues

A private Facebook group for daily support, motivation and connection

An opportunity for individual coaching, within the safety of the group

Every session will be recorded and available for lifetime access, so if you miss one you can still watch it later (private access to this group only).

Recorded, exclusive meditations, specific to menopause for you to keep: meet your menopause spirit guides, go on magical journeys, receive spiritual guidance and support.


Kick start your sacred ritual meditation practice.

Make beautiful connections with other menopausal women, bringing you out of isolation.

Discover your soul's purpose for this next cycle of your life.

Reduce stress and improve your health & wellbeing.

Deal with obstacles that are preventing you from creating valuable, sacred time for yourself.

Explore how much you can improve your menopausal symptoms.

Gain more peace and calm in your life.

Learn how to manage stress better (your tolerance to stress declines at menopause).

Receive spiritual guidance.

Lighten your menopausal journey.

Enjoy some beautiful stability amongst the stress & chaos of menopause.

Develop your intuition.

Explore your soul's wisdom.

Nourish and support your body, mind & soul.

Meet your menopause spirit guide.

Escape to magical lands!


$198 (approx. £150 UK pounds)

Please Note:  When you sign up you'll be asked to create a strong password. This is for your security, which I take very seriously.  Please try adding a mix of lower case and capital letters PLUS symbols (such as # or @) to create a secure password. TIP: Watch the button change from weak to strong as you type!