Awaken your Fire Moon Goddess
& Discover your Jewels of Wisdom

A Psychic Reading with Soul Wisdom Coaching
so you can start to live a life that's beautifully aligned to the core of your being

Introductory Offer Only Available until December 21st 2019


Are you feeling uncertain?

Are you searching for clarity?

Do you want things to change?

Are you tired of the superficial and ready to dig deeper in your life?

Would you like help clarifying your vision?

Would you love to be supported in creating steps towards living that vision of yours?

Are you willing, and ready, to take action?

Do you want to live a more soulful life?

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Awaken your Fire Moon Goddess.
This is your soul's wisdom wanting to be seen, heard and expressed in your life.
She's within you stirring things up!
She wants you to step into full ownership of who you are - and she's here to help you do just that.

Discover your jewels of wisdom.
We’ll look at what's weighing you down (heavy rocks you've collected on your life's path). And we'll crack them open to find the jewels of wisdom inside.

What you can expect...

90 minutes of precious YOU time!

Our time together will combine my psychic abilities with Soul Wisdom Coaching - a blend of the spiritual and practical to provide insight, magic and direction!

I'll use my beautiful Goddess Oracle Cards (and perhaps others too - I have a whole stash of tarot cards, fairies, crystals and plant wisdom cards waiting for you!)

You'll get to know your Fire Moon Goddess (the empowered version of you - who's wanting to be set free!).
Who is she? What's she passionate about? How's she living her life? What are her boundaries and how does she stand firm in them? What are her strengths? How can she help you become a vibrant, healthy, strong and confident woman?

We'll take a look at what could be sabotaging the life of your dreams. What's holding you back? What rocks need to be left behind for you to lighten the load, and fully embrace your new journey?

You'll go on a treasure hunt to find your jewels of wisdom. It's important you know what they are so you don't repeat the same old patterns. Your jewels of wisdom shimmer and shine - illuminating your path ahead so you can move forward - totally focused and confident.

You'll leave this profound session with practical action steps for the coming weeks and months.

And you can ask any questions you like - this is your time to break through the chaos and uncertainty.

Your session will be online via Zoom and you'll receive a recording of the whole thing, so you can refer back to it for further inspiration and motivation.

It's time to unleash your Fire Moon Goddess!

Introductory offer: $150 USD