Dynamic Dreams

Women's Transformation Group

The purpose of this group coaching program is for you to feel:



More in touch with your intuition




A deeper connection with nature


Full of joy!

And you'll achieve all these things whilst making beautiful friendships within a united circle of women.

So, if you're...

Feeling stuck and desperately in need of a kick start

Fed up with a cluttered and unfocused head space

Tired of feeling exhausted all the time AND having no motivation

Wishing for some quality 'me time' to stop and reflect

Searching for a more meaningful connection to the earth

Wanting to deepen your spirituality

Wishing you had more support and encouragement so you could stick to your goals

Then this spiritual women's group coaching program could be exactly what you’re looking for.


The Dynamic Dreams, Women’s Transformation Group will help you…

Overcome your obstacles so you can start achieving your goals and enjoy the feeling of success.

Banish your doubts, fears and confusion so you can feel more optimistic and know for sure you’re on the right path.

Let go of feeling alone in this!  Enjoy being a part of a beautiful support group.  A group of like-minded women who can guide you through change - with encouragement.  You’ll feel a sense of belonging.  You'll feel lighter, more confident, understood and supported.

And if you don’t have any particular issue to deal with but you’d love to be part of a support group full of Gorgeous Goddesses all exploring life together, then welcome!

Please know, you’ll still gain a lot from this group without needing to solve anything in your life!

You’ll explore your spirituality and inner wisdom.
You’ll uncover what’s holding you back and let go of that crap!
You’ll learn new techniques to enhance your life.
You’ll create beautiful friendships as we share and learn from one another.
You’ll have the opportunity to partner up with someone for the whole program.  This will increase your motivation and energy, helping you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Here's How it Works

We’ll meet through Zoom - an online platform like Skype but much better.  We’ll get to see one another and interact as if we’re all sitting in the same room together.  It works really well - I love it!

There’s no setup required.  You don’t have to have an account with Zoom.  The ‘call’ will be free of charge.  Simply click a link and you’ll be connected!

You can also use your phone to connect and you don’t have to be on camera.

woman on laptop
Circle of women

This will be a small group of spiritually minded women.

Small so you receive the attention you deserve.  Small so we get to create beautiful friendships.  Small so it’s not intimidating. Small so we all get to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.  Small so you feel completely safe and supported.

There will be a theme to each session (for example how to work with the power of the moon to connect with your inner wisdom and boost your energy).

The program is structured but you’ll have the chance to suggest themes yourself.  The sessions will be flexible and flow with the group’s needs and desires.

Small Group of women resized

There will be group coaching and fun exercises to help you set goals and stick to them.  These sessions will keep you in the sweet flow of achievement.  The whole group will be there to support you, encourage you, keep you on track … and of course we’ll all celebrate your successes. YAY!


How long is the program and what are the dates?

The program will run from Tuesday 18th April - Tuesday 15th August

We will meet on alternate Tuesdays:

April:  18th

May:  2nd, 16th, 30th

June:  13th, 27th

July:  11th, 25th

August:  8th, 22nd

How long are the individual sessions?

Approximately 90 minutes

What time of day will the sessions be?

12pm Pacific Time/2pm Central/3pm Eastern/8pm UK

You can connect from anywhere in the world!

So if you plan to go on holiday, you can still join in!

Places are limited to only ten women!


If you'd like to get unstuck and take small, easy steps forward with the support of an awesome group of women.

If you'd like to support and nurture yourself so you can show up with more energy for your family, friends and work.

If you'd love to gain a deeper connection to your intuition, nature & spirituality

And if this sounds good to you...

Then book your place quickly!

499USD (approximately £400) for the whole 5 month program!

(480 USD for payment in full  or  99.80 USD a month for 5 months)