Boost Your Energy

5 Day Online Course




Slap down sluggishness & enjoy a vibrant fulfilling life!

Is your lack of energy beginning to worry you? Perhaps your work is so ‘full on’ that you’ve got no energy left in the evening?  How is this affecting your relationships/family and social life?

And are you feeling guilty about drinking too many cups of coffee or eating too much chocolate/sugary food/drink etc. to keep you going (when actually they just make you feel worse)?


If so, this Boost Your Energy - 5 Day Online Course is for you!

Now, because you feel low in energy you may be thinking "this sounds great Sally BUT just thinking about making healthy changes exhausts me!"  I totally get it.  It can feel like a vicious cycle - you need energy and motivation to make healthy changes, but you don’t have any energy or motivation!

Don't worry, I've got you covered!

This course lasts for only 5 days (no long program to struggle through)

You can do it in your own time

Take as long as you like - you get to keep this course for life

Receive tips to power up your motivation before you even begin!

Just simple, easy steps (but powerful!)

Receive support & encouragement throughout


Every day you'll have access to a short video that contains your easy Action Step.  Plus there's a bonus Facebook Live recording every day too that goes into more depth on the subject.  There are worksheets and a smoothie chart to download (the smoothie chart is designed so you'll never have to follow another smoothie recipe again - simple)!  And I'll be on hand for you in a private Facebook group where you can receive the support you need.

*  Find out the powerful secret to making a breakfast smoothie that'll keep your energy high all day!

*  Discover your hidden stresses that are destroying your energy and create a plan to fix them!

*  Learn simple breathing techniques you can do anytime to rejuvenate your body & mind

*  Finally reduce your sugar cravings!

*  Receive a guided meditation to bring back the bounce

*  Find out how to boost your energy with essential oils

*   PLUS a few other surprise bonuses too!


Get all of this for only $47

PASSWORD TIP:  I take your security seriously, so you'll need to create a strong password.  I suggest you use lower & upper case letters, numbers and a symbol such as the "@ or #" signs. 

So, if you’re fed up of struggling through tiredness, let me help you fire up your energy, jump into vibrancy and regain your passion for life!

About Sally

Sally is a Natural Nutritionist and Vitality Coach.  She’s passionate about creating vibrant health for women and, in turn, vibrant health for the environment.  She strongly believes in a natural & holistic approach – nurturing & gently supporting the body, mind & soul into complete, joyful wellbeing.   

I'm looking forward to helping you boost your energy.  See you soon!


Diana, Oregon, USA

I met Sally just in time.

Every day I had less energy, and the morning aches and pains were getting me down...

The first change was dramatic: 24 hours and my morning aches diminished by half; 48 hours and they were gone completely...

Not only did my energy start building within weeks, but also, over the next 12 months, I lost that pesky 20 pounds that had been hitching a ride with me for 15 years—and it stays off.

It’s easy to learn from Sally. She cares. She has enthusiasm, compassion and a deep understanding of nutrition and the way our bodies utilize the food we eat—or not. It’s difficult to make changes to lifetime eating habits, but with Sally on your side, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

I hope others find Sally in time to turn their health right around.

Gabriella, Australia

I decided it was time to get my energy and motivation up and rolling so I contacted Sally. I have a very busy, stressful career that I enjoy but it takes up a lot of my time and I’ve been wanting to change it in some way, to make it more meaningful...

I worked with Sally for 3 months. I very quickly found ways to put time aside for myself not only after work but during work too, which was amazing! She helped me go through the layers to find solutions that I could realistically work towards. As a result I have begun to put together a new work project that I feel very passionate about...

My energy and motivation are back which is a huge relief and I feel so much healthier and happier. I’m enjoying life again! 

Camilla, Norway

Hi Sally, I just wanted to let you know that I feel really good. I feel so fresh and my skin tone and texture has improved beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve changed beauty products, had a mental and emotional clean-out … so much positive transformation has happened. Life is balanced, Sally! And I have you to thank very much for putting me on a greener and cleaner path - mentally, emotionally and obviously food-wise! Thank you so much.

Louise, UK

When I first began working with Sally I was not feeling very well both physically and mentally. I was feeling very lethargic. It was an effort to make things happen, even daily chores. I had put on weight. I was depressed and anxious...

After a short period of time working with Sally (she created a diet personal to me and my needs) my stomach pain, headaches and period pain went - I wasn’t taking any pain killers at all and that was unheard of! I gradually began to feel much better and I began to look better too.

I used to only see the ugly and negative things about me when I looked in the mirror but now I see the good things such as better skin and hair and my body looks better too. I’ve been buying new clothes and making more of an effort in how I look. I’m much happier now.

I have also gained more self confidence and belief in myself and my abilities. I’m re-prioritising my life and moving into a ‘new me’.


Sandra, Oregon, USA

... I like how your sessions deal with all aspects of my well-being, not just nutrition. I appreciate that you address the whole balance.

Many of my 'uncontrollable' cravings have subsided since I've learned how to add more nutritional value to my diet...

...All of these gradual changes have had a wonderfully positive impact on both my health and well-being, each in their own way ...

Pippa, London, UK

Thanks for all your help so far Sally, it has made a massive improvement in my life.

I now have minimal IBS symptoms which is a huge relief. I am much happier, and I need a lot less sleep. I now have the knowledge with regards to eating the appropriate foods and how they interact with my mental, emotional & physical wellbeing.

Thank you Sally, you have really made a difference to my life!

Yes! I want to boost my energy, sign me up now!

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